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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Where Is the Safest Neighborhood In Cuenca?

A concern of many new folks that move to Cuenca is safety, and rightly so. They want to know where the safe neighborhoods are. The fact is, there are only a few "not so good" areas in Cuenca and believe us, you'll be warned about them by other expats you meet and even by the Ecuadorians.  It is not so much "where you live" but "how you behave" where you live and when going out. A popular misnomer is people think it is safer to live where all the gringos live but that is not necessarily the case. Read the article we are revisiting today to find out where the two "not so good" areas of Cuenca are.

CLICK HERE....Is it Safer to live in the Gringo / Expat Areas of Cuenca?

 In nature, animals avoid becoming prey by blending in to their surroundings. How far do they take it? As you may know from the old Animal Kingdom shows, some animals go as far as changing their color, their texture, to blend in, and they bury themselves under sand, they camouflage themselves as sticks, etc. etc. and they usually will hang alone. 

When you look at animals that go together in packs, such as antelope or deer etc. or even school of fish, you will note that their predators always go to that location, because they know it’s fertile territory. The lion knows his chances of getting at least one of the weaker antelope is much higher stalking a pack then trying to find one single antelope. Similarly, whales will go after a school of fish, because it’s much easier and a more bountiful meal going after the whole school than just a single fish.     

CLICK---Hanging Out in the Gringo Pack, Safe?  

So then, how is it that gringos think they’re safer by hanging out in the gringo pack, school, neighborhood.   Read More!

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