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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Day in the Life in Cuenca Ecuador

Frank can't resist some of the locally grown fruits and vegetables in Cuenca. This time of year cherries are in season and they are so delicious. We walk by the vendors and they call out the price to us, and even though we have much more walking to do in Cuenca, we stop and fill our packs with some locally grown fruits and veggies. This is one reason why we always have our packs with us. Ya never know when you might see something delicious and buy it! This is a day in the life in Cuenca Ecuador for goodness sakes!



  1. Nice photo on top, those are some nice houses!
    Hello from Santa Fe!

  2. I love the cherries in Ecuador too but if Im in Cuenca the fruit Im looking for is without a doubt CHIRIMOYAS. They are great and triangle shaped and absolutely delicious... buy them at the market off Calle Larga. Dom


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