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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ecuador Coffee Grown in the Mountains of Loja!

Coffee anyone? This is very good coffee grown in Loja Ecuador. Today I ordered coffee with milk. The coffee was very strong as they prepare it through a strainer which releases the full body of the coffee and the whole milk gives it a very rich flavor. Frank brings his Ecuadorian grown cocoa and we sit and relax for a few minutes enjoying some of the sights and sounds of Cuenca Ecuador. We bought a pound of fresh coffee beans for $3. There is several of these Loja-grown coffee houses in downtown Cuenca, this one is on Gran Columbia.



  1. how can i buy a bag of these beans?.

  2. Hi. there are two places that we know of, right next to each other on "Mariscal Sucre" in El Centro, about 2 blocks off of the Park Calderon


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