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Monday, February 25, 2013

Cuenca Expat's Retirement Dream Comes True! (4 of 6 Cost of Living)

In this interview Alice shares more details about her cost of living. We already know that Alice rents her beautiful home for $350 a month and she goes to FREE symphonies for part of her entertainment of going out in the evenings. Now, find out how much her transportation and utilities are. We think you'll be amazed! Plus, Alice begins to show us her home...stay tuned for next video for the whole house tour!



  1. Hi there, I'm in an Ecuadorian neighborhood too in the Yanuncay area not far from where Alice is I'd imagine that the price of a large tank of propane gas is $12.50, not $2.50. We get it from the people who come around in trucks every day and everyone pays the same. It's still pretty cheap considering that a tank lasts for a month or two, but it certainly isn't $2.50.

    1. The size of tank Alice is talking about is only $2.50. Actually, we only pay $2.25 to fill for the same size Alice is talking about. Not sure what size of tank you are referring to, but it can't be the same size, or else you are REALLY getting gringoed! Thanks for commenting.

  2. Certainly waiting for the next installment folks. Alice is living how we hope to live as well, with your help; soaking up and becoming part of the Ecudorian culture. Also appreciate you touching on the cost of utilites and transportation. Awesome! Gary & Denise from Aiken, SC (not for long)

  3. Hey,
    my gas bill for last month here in Santa Fe, NM = $61.46 and the one before that $64.00.
    Electric: $81.79
    Water/Trash: $82.30
    Rent: $975.00
    The internet service alone, courtesy of the consumer friendly folks at Comcast Cable, is now $72.00 per month. Just for internet! No TV or phone service included in this price. So just to add these up, in Cuenca for the same money I would get 3-4 months of living at least.

    1. Yes, from a numbers point of view it makes sense, but remember what Alice said: she is "open minded" and accepts the fact that she is in a different culture. You're not in u.s.a but cheaper...if you were on STAR TREK you'd be in the 'holodeck'...


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