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Wednesday, February 06, 2013

This is the Hostel We Stayed at in Playas Beach: Los Patios

It's high season on the Ecuadorian coast right now but we did not see many people on the beach or even at this hostel. we only stayed one night in Playas and the next morning headed off to Salinas. The hostel was ok but it could use some updating, especially the tiny and plain rooms. For $33 for a double per night we thought it was a bit out of line. The rooms were very small with holes in the ceiling and dirty walls. The AC was so rackety and loud we couldn't hear the TV.  Before we paid we asked if they had WiFi and we were assured that we could get on the Internet. This was not the case. It was a disappointment.

The bedding was clean and they did give us clean towels. For the price though, we've stayed at much cleaner and nicer places, such as Diamond of the Sea hostel in Salinas for just $15 per person per night; that is if you stay more than a week, and they have a kitchenette too!

So why did we decide to expose the name of this hostel? A reader commented that she would like to know, and we feel it only fair to share our personal reviews and recommendations of the places we stay at and the restaurants we eat in. And, perhaps if owners see our reviews they may just make some much needed improvements.Please scroll down past the video to see all of our videos about Playas beach.


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    Fellow traveler rtrust


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