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Monday, February 04, 2013

Playas Beach in Ecuador - Trashy Beach!

We we're disappointed with Playas beach. The beaches we're really big and wide but unfortunately, they were also the filthiest we've ever seen in Ecuador. We've been to 15 or 20 beach towns/beaches in Ecuador and this one steals first place for the most garbage. Although, playas beach has much potential as being a wonderful beach because of its vastness, they don't clean it! This was a big eye-sore for us. There was garbage everywhere, even though there were garbage cans on the beach.

Playas has a big-wide beach area with big waves, something that Salinas does not have, yet, the refuse on the beach kept us from truly appreciating it. We sat down in the sand for all of fifteen minutes and then we walked about a mile on the beach to see if there were cleaner sections, and surprisingly there were not. Sadly, we decided to leave the very next morning and we were off to Salinas, again!


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