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Saturday, February 02, 2013

We're Back at the Beach and This Time in Playas - VACATION!

We found this nice looking hostel online to stay at once we get to Playas for $25 bucks a night for two people, but when we get there they don't answer the gate. The taxi driver trekked through muddy back roads (must of just down poured for 10-days) and he even whistled for the management for about ten minutes, still no answer. Apparently they went out of business...or maybe they we're out cleaning up the beach but we doubt that too. We think, as you'll see in a later video, why they aren't getting any business. Two big things are going against Playas beach...none of the roads are paved and so in rainy season it is REALLY muddy...and the beaches were literally full of garbage. We're sure hostel and hotels are losing customers over it.

We ended up staying at another beach front hostel for $33 for both of us per night. We were told the room had Wifi, but of course, it did not. It was also very small room and very old and the AC was rackety. We should expose the name but we won't, the staff was nice and they were accommodating as best as they could considering the situation...maybe they'll see this blog post and take care of the issues they have control over, such as noisy AC and saying the hostel had Wifi when it clearly did not.

You know, these little things mean a lot to us travelers who are just trying to enjoy a vacation. Frank and I never complain we just don't stay any longer than we have to in places where we feel there is no value for your money.


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  1. Thanks for this. Just remember what a service you provide & consider yourselves "pioneers." If a hotel advertises WiFi but doesn't deliver, just give us the info. and then it's up to us to decide whether to take that gamble or not. (some folks might not care, althoug I really do.) I really do take these first hand blogs and articles seriously and store them on in my mail for planning purposes. Otherwise, all we have is the constant chatter about "living like a king" in whatever country the investment newsletters are hawking! I've also had the pleasure of updatng some comments about Belize, saying that my experiences were much better than that of some writers. This is great stuff for those of us still at home, but yearning for honest, "real world" input.


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