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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Ecuador Immigration Residency Visa: Cuenca Expat Shares Her Experience (Part 1 of 2)

Andrea shares some extremely informative and interesting changes to the Ecuador immigration laws and the paperwork involved, a recurring theme in Ecuador.   Andrea's experience confirms that no matter how many people you ask, what may work for one person this week, may not work for the next person next week.  Andrea shares her decision to start the Ecuador Immigration process from home, as recommended in the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide.



  1. Thank you Andrea (and Frank and Angie) for sharing this information. It feels like such an overwhelming and costly task to figure this all out, especially when they can change whenever they feel like it.

    Can you do a post on how to get your 6 month visa (apply in the states) sometime? I have your guide, the link in the guide to the Pensioner visa no longer exists. (fyi) :)

    We are looking into the professional visa 9-V. Do you know anything about that one? Can we apply for this visa from home as you shared in the guide? Would that be by contacting our closest consulate? Thanks!

    1. The link is a copy and paste. The information on the six month stay is in the guide. Re-read the guide.

      Because of your wonderful guide “DIY landing guide” in which you gave all the info about getting a visa, it took me yesterday exactly one hour at the Ecuadorian Consulate in Los Angeles to get a 6 months visit. Absolutely no problems at all. Many thanks. Paul Roozen from Porterville, Ca

  2. Flying to their embassy to show papers personally in the States? Cost! Holy cow!!!


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