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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Splendor of Daily Life in Cuenca Ecuador: Discover Cuenca with Us!

At the end of the month we usually have an assortment of videos that by themselves can't really be made into a video clip or movie...so we just mesh them together and this is what you get, a birds-eye view of Cuenca Ecuador in all of its daily splendor. You, our readers and viewers are discovering Cuenca Ecuador with us! Enjoy the scenery!



  1. the videos are really becoming first class !! kudos Keepum coming!!
    adios and see you soon.......

  2. Hermosa mi Cuenca!, gracias frank& angie por el video, es increíble pero el cuencano ya está acostumbrado a tanta belleza que a veces la ignora.

    Clara S.

    1. Gracias por comentar Clara. Cuenca es increíble y hermoso!


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