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Saturday, March 09, 2013

What is the New Quito Ecuador Airport Like? Expat Brothers Tell Their Story (Part 1 of 2 -- Bill's Story)

As of this writing, there are no direct flights from the US to Cuenca Ecuador. When flying into Ecuador you will either land in Quito or in Guayaquil airports, usually for an overnight layover. Then you can take a commuter plane to Cuenca. Quito just opened a brand new airport about three weeks ago. What is this new airport like? We have a couple of expat brother's who flew into the Quito airport at different times on their way to Cuenca and they both have a story to tell. There have been some challenges for some expats. This is Bill and David's experiences.

(Part 1 of 2 --  Bill's Story)


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  1. When we came back to Miami from Ecuador last year, it took that long to get through the Miami customs, get our luggage, and get to transportation to take us to our car. If you have luggage, it usually takes an hour or more to get out of any airport in the US for in-country flights (and I've flown into at least half of the major cities here). Airline travel is tedious, it takes time, and if you travel a lot, it's just something that you wind up taking as part of the deal to get from one place to another more quickly than driving or walking.


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