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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Why Some Expats May Prefer Quito for Retirement or Part-Time Living

We have received several comments from future expats who want to know more about Quito. Thought we'd post them so others can see they are not the only ones who are actually looking at Quito Ecuador for future retirement or part time living.

I am extremely pleased that you have added Quito to your "coverage area" in the blogosphere. My wife and I have talked at length about an extended sabbatical with our two children that could perhaps become permanent. I would love to be able to continue work overseas, and support all four of us. Living in a better climate with better air quality, experiencing a different culture with the kids, and being able to move around freely without a car are very attractive ideas right now. Cuenca seems like a wonderful place, but Quito could be more suitable because it is a larger urban area and, as the national capital, could offer more opportunities for me. Your reports are much enjoyed here. Keep up the good work. M.R – Atlanta, Georgia.

Thank you so much for this post! I had wanted to move to Quito in May of 2014, but all I heard was negative. Therefore, I was looking at Cuenca. Although it seems beautiful, it may not be dynamic enough for a working woman in her 30s. -- Metri Essays

I have been following your Cuenca adventures and commentary for a while.....Although Cuenca sounds wonderful I would be afraid it is too small and definitely a bit over priced .. Now I'm getting excited about your up coming in depth Quito reviews and commentary. -- Quoted by anonymous on this blog

Your most recent efforts on Quito, have us very interested (we have spent most of our working life in places like NYC, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington DC, etc.). It seems to have the depth of activity that would provide for an active life style...Quote from one of our Cuenca readers.


If you haven't seen it yet, watch our video commentary on "Why we like Quito Ecuador".

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