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Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Why We Like Quito Ecuador

This video is a summary of "Why we like Quito Ecuador".

Is Quito too big and intimidating? Quito may seem overwhelming when you first get off the plane, especially if coming from a smaller city, but Quito is actually just the right size for big cities lovers and for those people who like a variety of activities. Quito has quite a bit to offer as any big city in the north country has to offer, often times for less money!

The city of Quito (not including urban areas) has distinct districts that separate the city in four sectors. Because of this it makes Quito pretty easy to navigate. The trolley buses have excellent maps inside each station showing the travel itinerary for that particular trolley.

After being in Quito for several weeks, riding the trolley's to different areas, and walking all over exploring the city, we found Quito to be a very pleasant city with the same exact weather as Cuenca and the people were just as enjoyable and nice. There is a lot to like about Quito, so don’t let its size intimidate you. We’re going back for another exploration visit soon. Enjoy the video of "Why We Like Quito".

Stay tuned to Discover Quito Ecuador for more about Quito!


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