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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

WEBCAM of Juan Jaramillo Street in Cuenca Ecuador

As we were sitting on the balcony of Govinda's restaurant enjoying lunch we thought we'd just set the camera down and record the happenings on the street.  This gives viewers a Birdseye view of what the streets are like during the day in El Centro of Cuenca. Remember when we told you the transportation system was good in Cuenca? Well, now you can see if for yourselves. In this video, in a span of just a few  minutes three buses came by and dropped off passengers and picked up passengers. You never have to wait long for a bus and that's good, especially when its raining. To the right of the video is a street vendor selling fruits and veggies.



  1. Simple thoughts, not your most scenic video. LOL I'd be curious to see a close up of the front or side of a bus showing the sign that identifies the bus number, letter or name. As in when you are waiting for a specific bus, where or what are you looking for?

    You do good well thought out logical videos for future travelers. Thank you.

    1. On the front left of the window is the bus number, plus it says the areas it goes to...the bus system is great here. Thanks for commenting.


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