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Thursday, May 23, 2013

$250 Town Home Rental in Cuenca Ecuador!

This town home for $250 per month is like the $230 per month town home except this one has a small bonus room off of the covered laundry area instead of green space, and it has ceramic tiles on the bottom level instead of simulated hard wood, and it has curtain type shades on every window. They are both in the same private, gated community and have a guardian/caretaker for an additional $25 per month. I also added different music in the background on this one for a change of pace...:-)   so sit back and enjoy the video home tour.  For more info about this town home or the villa for rent for $300 click here for the photos and specifications.


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  1. This place is really perfect for vacation! It seems that the ambiance is very relaxing.


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