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Monday, May 27, 2013

Cuenca Secure 3/2 Apartment $325, Great Location!

How would you like to walk 2 short blocks to the grocery store or 3 blocks to a three floor, huge department store and be located very close to a major bus line? Well, with this rental you can. It is a wonderful location. This rental is no longer available. See $300 Dollar Cuenca Rentals for more home tours, rental specials and updates!



  1. I Love you guys and what you are doing for us BUT, the camera work must be corrected.

    The entire shooting presentation should be planned so the place can be shown in a prestntation that will sell.

    The panning should be much slower to actually show the product.

    Wallsockets and showerheads are not worth close ups. The camera motion producing a seasick roll and pitch should be corrected to produce shots that are steady.

    Little things that if they were corrected will produce professional quality shots and a much better presentation.

    Other than that, God Bless You and your Family... DocStJohn@esedona.net

    PS~ Grace is processing our 9-1 right now.. We hope to contact you for a house around end of Aug.. Bye!

    1. Yes, we agree! we appreciate the tips and we will for sure start panning a lot slower. Thanks!


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