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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Cuy (Guinea Pig) - A Traditional Ecuadorian Food!

We're at a food fair in Cuenca and the main dish is guinea pig, or better known here in these parts of the Americas as cuy. Cuy is a local delicacy in Ecuador.

Cuencanos ask us during conversations,"Have you tried cuy yet? You've gotta try cuy"!

"Ur, uh, well, no, not yet but our oldest son has eaten cuy at his friends home",  We proudly tell him.

"Oh yeah, what did he say?" They ask with big grins on their face.

"He said it tastes like greasy chicken".  We all start laughing.

One of our other sons grew up having hamsters, mice, rats, and gerbils as pets and he lets everyone know right off the bat that he does not eat pets!! We're with him. Guinea pigs are about as big as a rats but cute like hamsters.



  1. Hi, I am a vegetarian, I only eat cheese sometimes, no meat, so do you think that I'm going to be fine living in Cuenca as a vegetarian and animal lover? guinea pigs are so cute! =( are the cuencanos going to respect my lifestyle? I know that there are some vegetarian restaurants. I am venezolana (from Venezuela)living in the US (Florida) We really like Cuenca and are thinking to move there! Thanks!

  2. Yes, you will get along just fine. Guinea pigs are pets!! Have you downloaded our free restaurant guide yet? In it there are 4 or 5 vegetarian restaurants in Cuenca. The link for it is at the top of the blog under the big photo.


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