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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mother's Day in Cuenca Ecuador: Brandon (my son) Made Me Lasagna!

It has been a wonderful day just sitting around and enjoying my day relaxing, reading, writing, and not having to worry about a thing! that's because my son Brandon did all the cooking and cleaning up afterwards. Brandon is an exceptional cook and sweet baker. We are so blessed to have our three sons with us in Ecuador!!

Happy Mother's Day!                    


  1. Hi, I noticed on the counter "queso fresco". Do you use that cheese as a substitute for Ricotta cheese? Does it taste similarly? Thanks.

    1. Queso fresco (fresh cheese) tastes nothing like Ricotta cheese. Queso Fresco is similar to Mozzarella cheese. We substitute a homemade white sauce for the Ricotta cheese when we make lasagna.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. Hi! this lasagna looks really delicious!! I'm happy because i only saw veggies! = ) definitely I'm going to try to do it! are you guys a vegetarians? =)

    1. Not quiet but we eat very little meat. We eat chicken and fish when we eat meat. Did you see our vegetarian empenadas video? We also have a veggie pizza video. Thanks for commenting.


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