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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

PUBLISHED: Expanded and Updated Third Edition of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide!

We are very pleased to be sharing with our readers the new updated and expanded Third Edition of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide.  We expand on subjects previously touched on, and added brand new ones.  We added three new chapters! We just emailed everyone on our list and sent them the PDF to download this NEW expanded and updated Cuenca Guide. 

We added a lot of ground in this third edition. We think you’re going to really enjoy this updated Landing Guide! It’s now 190 pages of fact filled information plus personal experiences, designed to make you wiser, and avoid the pitfalls of moving to a new country.

Here’s just some of what has been added and expanded on to the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide

-    New Chapter -- All New Real Estate / Rental Section with photos
-    Rental Price Guidelines for Cuenca
-    New Chapter -- Racism in Ecuador
-    More about Immigration with checklist
-    Bus from Quito to Cuenca with detailed instructions
-    Researched another beautiful hostel in Cuenca for new arrivals
-    Bringing your valuables to Ecuador – What to do – What not to do
-    More about taxi service in Cuenca and Quito airport and how not to get gouged
-    Needed Health/Foods Products
-    More of the popular true stories and anecdotes throughout the whole book

Didn't Get the Landing Guide?

***If you did not receive the THIRD EDITION of the Cuenca Guide, first check your spam folder. If it is not there, then we don’t have your email. Please send us a note letting us know the date you purchased and the email you used for buying the Landing Guide and we will send you the NEW PDF of the Cuenca Guide immediately. 

Lulu Buyers

***For those of you who have bought the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide recently on LuLu, Please email us with the date of your purchase and the email you used to purchase, and we will send you the PDF of the new updated Third Edition of the Landing Guide. Please email us from the button at the top of the Discover Cuenca Ecuador website.

Thank you for your patronage and devoted readership;
we truly appreciate YOU!

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