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Saturday, June 08, 2013

Good Maps of (Cuenca) Ecuador

When you tell people you live in Ecuador some of them are really not sure where that is. Some people think it is Central America, while others think it might be somewhere by Africa.

I clearly remember when I first told my mom we were moving to Ecuador the first thing she said, “Is that in Central America?” She got out the atlas and studied it, especially South America, for the first time since she was in grade school.  I thought Ecuador was next door to Costa Rica.

Let's first take a look at a map of all the South American countries. This will give you a good idea of just where Ecuador is located and how large the country is in relation to other SA countries.

Map of South America

Ecuador is a small country, about the size of the state of Arizona. It is positioned between Columbia and Peru. Here is a good quality map of all the South American countries. Notice the size of Ecuador in relation to other SA countries. http://www.infoplease.com/atlas/southamerica.html

Wall Map of Cuenca Ecuador

If you are already in Ecuador then you can buy a detailed street map about 4’ by 3’ wall map of Cuenca city and surrounding area for a few bucks at the Papelaria Monsalve (office supply store) located off of Solano and Remigio Crespo. Because of its size, this map is best left pinned up to the wall in your home or apartment. Btw, this papelaria is the largest we have seen in Cuenca so far.

Free Maps of Cuenca

The Cuenca tourist office, across the street from Parque Calderon has two different types of free maps for visitors. And of course, online you can find a lot of good maps. Below are a few places to find good online maps of Ecuador.

Online Interactive Maps

Google maps beats all other online maps in our opinion just for the simple fact it is interactive and you can actually explore other places of interest in the area you are looking at. Google maps allow you to put in street names and get directions within any city of whatever country you are looking at.

Introduce yourself to Cuenca with Google’s Interactive map. Go to Google Maps and type in the search bar “Cuenca Azuay Ecuador”. Make the area as big or small as you like by moving the plus or minus sign that is located to the left of the map. Over to the right of the map you can click on “photos” and the map will display some really nice sights in Cuenca and the surrounding area.

With Google online maps you can also look at the satellite image, the terrain of Cuenca, what the weather is doing and even videos of Cuenca or of anywhere in Ecuador without even leaving Google maps!

Static Online Map - http://www.takemaps.com/en/map_of_ecuador_en.php
This map is a large online map with buttons and magnifying glass to easily scope out the provinces and cities within Ecuador. You can also print out this map as big as you want.

Here is an online street map of Cuenca Ecuador. Don’t forget to use the plus and minus buttons to make the area more detailed. This map is also viewable in satellite.

GPS Travel Maps for Ecuador -http://www.gpstravelmaps.com/ecuador.php
Ecuador City Maps  - This website provides good quality maps of many different cities located within Ecuador. http://www.mapsofworld.com/ecuador/destinations/

We hope these maps of Ecuador will be helpful and aid you in your research about Ecuador. And now you know just where Ecuador is located and how to get around some of the major cities in Ecuador for when you visit or move here..

We know how useful maps are for when you first arrive in Cuenca and that is why the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide provides detailed street maps of points of interest that we think you will find very useful as you orient yourself here.

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