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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photos of Interest Taken in Cuenca Ecuador!

Choosy mom's choose Jif! Really?

Wow, that is the most expensive jar of peanut butter I have ever seen. Found in Supermaxi grocery store in Cuenca Ecuador. It is $10.11 cents.

Will choosy mother's still choose Jif at that price?

You can eat almuerzo five times in Cuenca for that price.

It's the invisible man! What is he trying to do, break in or break out?

Actually this is just an "attention getter" in the hopes someone will rent out an office in this building in downtown Cuenca.

 Skull headlight!

Mean bike! Wish I would have taken a side view photo of this motorcycle.

Got gas? Gas powered engine connected to a roller blade. Very interesting...then we started thinking about it some more and thought VERY DANGEROUS!

They actually sell these roller blades at a store here in Cuenca called "Juan Ejuri".  Pass.

 Beautiful vista!

This is only a quarter of the way up to Turi. It is the view from a furnished rental (already rented). It has convenient steps that lead down to Avenida Solano to buses and shopping.

McDonalds is coming to Cuenca and this is where construction is to begin in the El Vergel area by Madre Parque and El Vergel Shopping Plaza.  Truly, very unhealthy eating. We have not been to a fast food joint in over 20-years!

Chicks in a bag! What a couple of cuties. Someone bought these at Feria Libre and then got on the bus...they were chirping up a storm.

Lots of pets such as guinea pigs,  ducks, piglets, kittens and puppies are brought onto the bus all the time.

Is this a typo-misspell or is this really the name of the business? At first we thought it was a misspell but on further inspection we think because they serve lunch and have Internet they chose the name 'CYBER LOUNCH'!  Unique.

This is a public bathroom in Cuenca. Ucky!! Glad I (Angie) didn't have to go. Frank just had to call me over to take this photo because I'm collecting Cuenca bathroom photos.

Yes, for over a year now I have been taking photos of public restrooms in Cuenca. after I have a fair amount  of bathroom photos we'll make a video of them.

This bano is the worse yet! Stay tuned for more bathroom photos coming soon! LOL

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  1. Actually, peanuts are plentiful here that you could probably make your own peanut butter!


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