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Saturday, August 17, 2013

New 3/2 Home for $300: Why We Walked Away and Why You Should Too!

The house is brand new, never been lived in. The price is not spectacular, it is what a 3 bedroom home or apartment should actually go for in Cuenca. It is the local Ecuadorian price market for a new home.

So what's the problem you might be wondering? Well, the problem is the owner/agent sees four gringos showing up to look at this house (Frank and I and the couple we were showing it to) and she decided to impose an outrageous deposit of $500. She knew the house was only for the two people but she felt compelled to ask for this silly deposit. It happens often to us and we just walk away.

She could not go up on the rental price because the $300 price was already listed, so she thought she'd be coy and ask for a hefty deposit, which the renter will NEVER see again. Frank simply and nicely told the lady that we were not going to pay that and to call us if she changes her mind. Obviously she is waiting for some more gringos to come along, she certainly will not get that deposit from an Ecuadorian!!!


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  1. What is a reasonable amount for a deposit? One month's rent? Less? It seems that a deposit in Ecuador are more like 'key' money in Japan, money that is never to be seen again.


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