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Monday, August 19, 2013

Remodeled 3-Bedroom Home in a Gated Community for $280!

THIS HOME HAS RENTED! Where in the world are you going to find a nicely remodeled 3-bedroom 2-bath home for $280? At $300 Dollar Cuenca Rentals of course!

This home is situated in a safe, gated community right next door to the landlord. This situation works out great for those folks who want to leave their home for vacations and travel. Located off of Don Bosco and just feet away from two bus lines! Can't beat that!     


  1. Someone clean up those dishes!

  2. Hi,
    Love your site. We're researching retiring abroad. I've been noticing on the $300 Rentals site that no matter how large the rentals are (house or apartments), the bathrooms are all quite similar and that none of them have large two-sink setups with counters. I'm not much for all the fancy stainless kitchens, huge rooms, etc., but I do like to have a place to put toiletries in the bathrooms. Is this available in these Cuenca rentals, or is the style just a single sink on a stand? Thanks

    1. Hello Tes, I also prefer to have a vanity area to put things on and I like the cupboard area underneath for towels, tp, etc.

      We do come across vanities sometimes but they are not very popular. The pedestal sink is usually what you have here.


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