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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Dear Readers of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide...

Dear readers of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide. There is an address error for the hostel called La Casa Cuencana which has recently been brought to our attention by several expats as well as the owners of the La Casa Cuencana.

Apparently the address error has pointed some new Cuenca arrivals to go across the street and stay at the hostel called Cuencana Hogar Hostel, which is more expensive than La Casa Cuencana.

We are sorry about this error and are in the process of changing the address mistake in the guide and it will be updated soon with the new address. 

However, for those people who have already purchased the guide, and are visiting Cuenca soon, and are thinking of staying at La Casa Cuencana, please make a note of the correct address below. Thanks!

The address NOW reads: Hermano Miguel 4-36 y Calle Larga (this is the wrong address)

It should read: Hermano Miguel 4-45 y Calle Larga (this is the correct address).

The owners of La Casa Cuencana, Martha and Jonathan are very helpful and friendly hosts and still offer lodging discounts to the readers of the DIY Cuenca Landing Guide.  Please print out “the page” in the guide where we list La Casa Cuencana and show it to Martha or Jonathan when you arrive to receive the discount.

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