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Taking Taxi from Salinas to La Libertad Bus Terminal

Beginning our journey up the Ecuadorian coast. We'll be taking a coastal bus line from La Libertad to Montanita and other villages along the coast. There's a lot more to come with frugal Frank and Angie at the beach! Next up, video of nine coastal cities going North along the coastline. Plus we spent some time in several cities like Montanita and Puerto Lopez so stay tuned!!



  1. Thanks for the video, I loved seeing places that I remember from my childhood (and many new ones). I was born and raised in Guayaquil until around 16, so I got very nostalgic seeing my beautiful country again!

  2. Great video.... you are showing some awesome places which inspires me to travel that place with my friends. i am decide to call them and make plan for next weekend trip to Salinas. Hope we enjoy there like last trip of Cambridge.


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