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Monday, October 28, 2013

Puerto Cayo Beach in Ecuador

This is the beach at the southern end of Puerto Cayo. Puerto Cayo has a big long beach and turquoise waters. The water is warm for swimming, however the waves can get pretty huge here so be careful!

Enjoy more of this beach in our video below.


  1. I was there last February - supposedly high season there. Well it was the same as it was for you - sleepy. Like a ghost town. But for some reason, I liked it. It was less dusty than other towns. Puerto Lopez was a bit of a mud pit on the highway, and we did not enter the town from the highway, just because we figured it would be so muddy - as your videos have borne out.

  2. Yes, and there's nothing in Puerto Cayo. Also, the Californians dominate the real estate there, with corresponding prices, bless their hearts, they just seem to have no clue.


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