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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Misleading Advertising with Hotel Finders: We Thought We Were Getting an Ocean View!

It is really hard not to go through one of these online 'hotel finders" portals because they have literally taken over the Internet! What we do now is use these intermediaries just for finding the name of numerous hotels or hostels in the area we want to go to. Then we "Google" the hotel name and find their website. We wade through tons of 'hotel finders' first, about three pages on Google before we even get the hotel's website. Sometimes you have to type in the name of the hotel, plus the keyword "website" to pull up their website. Do you have a story to share about using a hotel finder? Talk to us in the comments!

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  1. that's at La Casa in ayampe. i would really recommend La Iguana Cabins its NOT ocean front, but the owner is a really nice swedish woman called Sandra, the rooms are very clean, the sheets are very nice (not like the other ayampe hostals) and they have a common area kitchen you can use. $27 the double room. just an advice. i always go to ayampe. PS: you should go on march too, the weather is WAY better, but prices will go up and mosquitoes too. everywhere. thanks guys anyway for your reviews. really helpful


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