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Saturday, November 09, 2013

Taking a Motor Trike to the New Mercado in Puerto Lopez

The new Mercado in Pto Lopez is nice and clean, however, they moved it from a centrally located area to a far away area of the town. 

Talk of the town is the locals were upset about this new Mercado being so far away from the center of town. 

We can see why they were upset. Whoever decided to move the Mercado numerous blocks away from everything wasn't really thinking about how much business they might lose.

What do I mean? Well, there is a produce vendor, with a lot of different fruits and vegetables right on the corner as you come into the city center, and it gets a lot of business just because it is more convenient.  It's always packed with people. 

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  1. My daughter and I spent three weeks in Ecuador this past July and August. Quito, Puerto López and Peguche just north of Otavalo. While we were in Puerto López, I'm GLAD we didn't know about this new mercado. It would have saddened me. Puerto López was a quaint town with a life to it unlike any other we saw on our trip and seeing something like this may have ruined it for us, I'm afraid. We loved the Puerto López we saw! The people were so incredibly nice and helpful. We loved watching the beautiful blue fishing boats back up onto the beach while people in pickup trucks and cars and motorcycles and on foot bought their fresh catch right from the boats. We loved the shops along the beach and just sitting in a lounge chair, watching people play volleyball on the beach. Puerto López was wonderful, especially when the sun came out a few times. This new mercado seems ugly to me.
    Thanks for the story!


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