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Thursday, November 07, 2013

Thinking of Moving to Quito? We're Hitting the Pavement in Quito to Make Your Landing Safer, Easier and Less Stressful!

We hope you have subscribed to our Quito website because we probably will not be posting our Quito information and videos on the Cuenca website for too much longer. We have a lot of Ecuador coastal travels to share with our readers on this  Blog.

Anyway, just want to let our readers know for those who are interested...we are in Quito Ecuador, experiencing, observing, researching on how to save money, how to stay safe, and how to truly enjoy the move or visit to Quito with less stress when you first land in Quito Ecuador. All the wonderful details will be in our new Book, The DIY Quito Landing Guide. 


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  1. really glad i found this blog about Quito! we are planning a trip to Quito as a "home base" point for a 20 day trip as part of a scouting run to eventually move to EC. In a nutshell we have NO Idea where in EC we will live yet but Quito seemed like a easy point of entry to fan out to other areas either by bus or local Air...so now i'm off to your discover quito web site ,, thanks, Mike & Sandee


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