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Saturday, November 23, 2013

We're Walking Along the Malecon in Puerto Lopez Ecuador and Dodging the Assertive Salesmen

They are all over, salesmen trying to sell you a tour, trip, and or an excursion to some exotic, tropical island in and around Puerto Lopez. It started the minute we walked off the bus, literally they were all over us!  We barely walked off the bus and got our luggage cart from underneath the bus when salesmen came rushing up to us wanting to take us to a secluded beach called Las Frailes. The cost, $5 for a ten minute ride on a motor trike.

In town, especially on the Malecon the salesmen will rush up to you with their brochure and sales pitch if you even so much as LOOK at them. Remember: always negotiate the price. They will begin with outrageous prices BECAUSE some gringos pay the first price they are told a tour is. You have to let them know you are not that naive to pay that price for such and such tour...and of course, be nice and smile, always. If you don't want to take a tour, don't look at them.

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  1. I/We have got to get out of the snow...you guys are killing me with that beautiful country. We have a few inches of snow and currently it's 22 fahrenheit..I am not happy, and have got a knot in my stomach...ugh... Stay safe guys...Lord Bless.


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