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Monday, December 09, 2013

Inside Scoop on Best Priced Laundry Service in Quito and Along the Ecuador Coast!

When traveling we invariably have laundry that needs to be cleaned. We like it when we find a laundry service that has the prices listed. When the prices are already listed for something you will not get gringo gouged! This laundry service has the prices listed. Frank and I checked out a lot of the laundry service establishments in some of the coastal towns when we were traveling north up the Ecuador coast, so now we know where to take our laundry and where not to take our laundry.


  1. Have you run into a situation where a business would try and charge you more than their posted prices? (making up some kind of bogus reason because they see you as a tourist)

    1. Actually yes: we answered an ad on a 5 bedroom house advertised at $300. The price was in print! but when we called and she heard the foreign accent she said it was $350. We wrote an article on it.

      I also had the produce guy at the Coral Centro here play games with me on the grapes, the posted ticketed price was two dollars and something and he ripped the ticket off in front of me and quoted me over three dollars. I have 'other places' I can get those same grapes for $1 per pound. I no longer get them there.

      Oh, and the guy never smiles, either.

    2. Yeah, I imagine that policy is widespread and those who don't gouge foreigners are probably looked upon as crazy (since westerners grow money on trees, right?). It sounds like you guys are doing what you can by taking the time to learn what locals pay. Those rare merchants who don't overcharge gringos should be coveted and seem worth being loyal to and establishing friendship. I'm wondering if it is possible there that over time, some can actually treat you as a local than just another fly by night gringo.

    3. Big Grin: When we run into those coveted merchant relationships we do reward them with all our business.


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