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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Small Town Ecuador Coast Shopping with Frugal Frank!

Let's Go Shopping! This video is a short commentary about a couple of food items that we use in the home regularly. Here on the beach, in some of the smaller coastal towns these items are REALLY expensive! 

We recommend shopping around to find the best prices... and for frugal shoppers like us, it does pay to buy the items you love in bulk when going to the major shopping centers in the bigger coastal towns; that is if you live in a small coastal town where some items are waaaay over-priced...or just hard to find. 


  1. Are there any food items that are actually reasonably priced (or better priced) in the coastal areas? For example, can you buy freshly caught fish right off the boat from the coastal fishermen?

    Here in states, 2lbs. of pure raw wild honey costs $7.99 (price went up $1). It's really thick, darker in hue and tastes wonderful. I avoid all the cheaper, lighter hue, watery honey. I also like organic coconut sugar. For oil, like you, I use EVOO imported from Italy. Coconut oil intrigues me. I avoid all other oils.

    Getting back to your video clip, I can't imagine the local coastal people pay those outrageous prices. So, who keeps these coastal merchants in business?

    1. The coasts are very touristy now. Lots of people going back and forth, check out our frugal coastal laundry videos if you haven't already.


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