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Friday, December 13, 2013

The NEW El Arenal Bus Transfer Terminal in Cuenca Ecuador

We were impressed with the organization of the new bus-transfer station of El Arenal. The minute we got off the first bus a young lady with a nice smile asked us where we were going and showed us which bus to take.

What we noticed right off the bat was there are buses going norte (north buses) and buses going sur (south buses). There are placard boards showing the exact areas the bus goes to. The terminal also has excellent maps showing the routes and the number of the bus to take for the routes. There is a security guard on the premise and it was clean and nice. 
The best thing about it, there was no cutting up in front of people, no pushing and shoving to be the first on the bus; it was actually organized. They are passing out the new bus schedules at the El Arenal Terminal, so you might want to go check it out and grab a new schedule if you ride the buses in Cuenca. We have more to talk about with the new bus schedules in an article coming soon! Until then, enjoy the video.

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