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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

We're Having Spaghetti with Ketchup for Almuerzo in Manta Ecuador!

You're probably wondering the cost for this almuerzo delicacy? $3.50! Yep...$3.50. Funny thing is we saw other gringos eating in there and the waiter says it is always busy for lunch! You gotta just laugh because there is nothing else you can do! LOL.  We should add, the soup was pretty good.


  1. Soup looks good although a bit skimpy with the vegetables (carrots & cabbage?). I prefer plantain chips over potato chips. The plate is basically a cheap starch sampler plate. I guess that's what fuels you. For $3.50, you should be getting some sauteed vegetables over that pasta.. sans ketchup (chuckle).


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