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Thursday, January 02, 2014

La Quinua Vegetarian Restaurant - This Is a GREAT Find - Almuerzo $2.50!

A friend told us about this restaurant and we couldn't be happier! The $2.50 almuerzo was nutritious and very tasty. The juice was not sugar-laden, which was a real plus, and..they serve brown rice!! Of course they also serve tasty dishes made with the traditional Ecuadorian grain, Quinoa, which is very nutritious and has more protein than some meats.

We are so happy to find out about this new vegetarian restaurant. They serve up quite a bit of food for their almuerzo and you can order off the menu if you like. Nothing is over $6. They serve pasta, pizza, salads, and other great foods all prepared fresh. We're happy to share LA QUINUA and will be adding this new restaurant find to our free restaurant guide!



  1. Have you tried the Cilantro Restaurante on Juan Jaramillo? I believe its between Benigno Malo and Luis Cordero. It offers lunches for $3.50 if prices are still the same. Both vegetarian and with meat. I am not sure if you are vegetarian or not, but if not Don Colon's new place across from the New Cathedral, has a lunch with soup, juice, entree and dessert for $4.00. It is wonderful! My wife and I have been to Cuenca several times. I spent 5 weeks in September and we love it. We are enjoying your posts. I do a travel blog also named NomadicTexan.com. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, we're glad you are enjoying the blog.

      Yes, we went into Cilantro when we first moved to Cuenca, and unfortunately they do not serve brown rice, so we ate somewhere else. Since then we have found several restaurants in Cuenca that do serve brown rice, and we eat in those restaurants primarily.

  2. Quinua Vegetarian restaurant has the most delicious Quinua and veggie soup for just $3. It´s loaded with veggies, and they put no salt in it at all, so you add it yourself. They serve it with fresh cilantro and onions on the side. A meal in itself! Also, for these cold April days, they have a wood burning stove! Finally, I want to mention that Quinua is also an inexpensive hostel. Rooms are small but clean and start at $6 per day, $25 per week, $90 per month. Great prices for Cuenca!


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