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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Look at All the Food We Got for $20 Shopping at Feria Libre in Cuenca Ecuador!

Have food prices risen in Cuenca? We are asked this question from time to time and so we decided to do another video on food prices, and this video is 2-1/2 years later. At the end of the video there is a comparison video you can watch of when we first moved here. You can still get a lot of fruits and veggies for $20 bucks in Cuenca Ecuador!


  1. Another excellent video from the Frugs.

    Brandon says $1.50 por una libra of cherries. Do they price it .by the pound or is he doing the conversion in this video? Thanks.

    P.S. What do you do with all those carrots and why are there no lentils?

  2. The lack of brocoli on that table is troubling. Is brocoli prohibitively expensive?

    P.S. I would like to recommend that Brandon and the boys start a business shopping for expats at feria libre.

    1. No, broccoli is really inexpensive and we usually buy it at Coral Centro. The produce in the video is only our Feria Libre (some fruits and veggies) shopping.

  3. Love the information, the videos and Hope to visit Cuenca. I'm worried that it is too Cool for a long term extended stay. Spring is fine but 40 at night, overcast during the day isn't my idea of paradise. I'd Love at least 70's in the day, sunshine, with maybe 60's at night. The boys have started to embrace Cuenca and are blossoming in the new Culture. I'll continue to follow your exploits and the new Quito blog. I'm looking at Panama, Ecuador and Belize for possible destinations. Stay Safe and Enjoy

  4. Great video. Is everything on the table locally grown? Here in southern California, much is imported from Mexico, unless you go to the pricey farmer's markets. Also, there's organic labeled for your consideration if you don't want pesticide treated or possibly genetically tampered foods (avoid). Prices seem cheaper where you are. Here, those bananas would be $.19 each. Organic bananas $.89/lb. Limes say $.10 each. Carrots around $.69/lb. If you want organic, it's more like $.99-$1.49/lb. Cabbage varies.. probably $.69/lb to upwards $.99/lb for organic. Potatoes say $.99 for 3lb. bag of small russets. Unnatural huge potatoes are pricey. Organic potatoes around $.99/lb to $1.49/lb. Dried beans and rice are pretty reasonably priced here.

    I'm surprised not to see any tomatoes or green onions on the table. Dice up some tomatoes, avocados, green onion, combine with a splash of lemon juice, salt, and minced garlic... serve with tortilla chips. Yum!

    Anyways, always interesting to see what you can buy out there. The produce looks good and eating that and avoiding western ways, you folks will likely stay thin. Cheers.

  5. Nice video once again. Just like everywhere on the planet prices have gone up, contrary to what government propaganda tells you that there is no inflation. Lord Bless you folks, thanks once again.

  6. Great info on the veggies and fruits. Can you please provide some info on shopping for meats, eggs, poultry, fish, cheese, and dairy items. Thanks.

  7. Wow! Look at that bag of limes. Thinking we paid a dollar for 4 limes yesterday and thought that was a good price is making me laugh right now.

  8. The funniest thing about your blog headline is word 'frugally'. I don't think you guys are frugal at all, au contraire :) ! You live very fulfilled and blessed life. Keep it up!


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