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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Nectar Vegetarian Restaurant - If You're Really Hungry You Might Want to Go Somewhere Else!

We've eaten at Nectar three times now and the one time we felt they served enough food was when we had the $3 Almuerzo and even then it seemed to be a skimpy almuerzo. We just want to let our readers know. It wasn't just one time we ate here; its been three times now. So... if you're really hungry than eating from the menu will not satisfy your appetite.  If you are hungry we recommend eating somewhere else. However, if you eat like a bird, Nectar might be okay.

The food in Nectar is fresh and prepared simply. The food tastes good for the most part.  If they would serve more food we would most-likely give them a better review.  But seriously now if you eat a lot like we do, these skimpy dishes off the menu just will not do. 


  1. The raised their prices to $3.50 for the almuerzos.

  2. Yes, despite the higher quality ingredients, definitely very skimpy looking for $4.50! (no fries and coleslaw on the side??)

    Well, with roughly 30% of adult Americans obese and perhaps another 40% overweight, maybe I shouldn't be complaining about the small portions there! ;)


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