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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Please Throw Toilet Paper in the Toilet! Modern Bathrooms in Quito!

I just had to take a snapshot of this photo and post it on the Cuenca blog. I normally do not post our Quito videos on our Cuenca blog but I made an exception this one time! 

In most Quito restrooms they want you to throw the TP in the toilet!! Quito is very modernized with great infrastructure. The Internet is fast and efficient here and the power has never gone out, at least while we were here. 
We really do not feel we are in a developing city when we are in North Quito. It almost reminds us of being in Portland, Oregon. Quito is a big city with all the modern amenities we have always enjoyed in the states. Some of these new bathroom gadgets are things we've never seen in the US before. In fact, hand dryers in the US never seemed to really work; these ones in Quito sure do. 


  1. While you are watching the TV, who is watching you?

  2. BTW, everything you will want to know from how not to get gouged by taxis at the airport, how to get around how to get a room, and much much more is in the up and coming DIY QUITO LANDING GUIDE. Whatch for it, coming soon....on discoverquitoecuador.com


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