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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

DIY Wood Projects Built in Cuenca Ecuador: Bath Shelf, Corner Shelf, Computer Desk, and Coat Rack!

In this video Angelo has built us some much needed shelving, a desk, and a coat rack. All the projects are built using eucalyptus wood which is sold everywhere in Cuenca Ecuador. Eucalyptus wood is strong and will last a lifetime if treated properly. We continue to save money every year just by building all of our own furniture.                     


  1. Thanks Frank and Angie
    Your candid and unfiltered observations on life in Ecuador are most welcome. Brandon's interview with the college girls was really a treat!
    p.s. is Frank always looking forward to a new spot for almuerzo?
    I will be looking for you on my next trip to Cuenca!
    Hasta luego!

  2. Hey, hi Frank, Angie and guys, did you ever figure out how to better manage the moisture issues in your home? I think it was mostly in your kitchen cupboards that were getting a bit moldy at times if memory serves. I was the fellow that emailed you a detailed set of ideas, and you subsequently added it to one of your posts - I was happy to see that you thought it was that worthy. I am curious if you were able to find solutions, and what they were. Maybe you could do a follow up on that theme, as you put quite a bit of effort into it with your video series at the time.

    I still enjoy your posts and videos. Glad to see you growing your work in a horizontally integrated approach.

    All the Best


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