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Monday, February 03, 2014

Manta Murcielago Beach in Ecuador

Manta has a nice beach area and it is very clean!  The water is fairly calm and warm. We were pleasantly surprised with Manta. The beach in the city and in this video is called Murcielago Beach. It is not a particularly long beach but it is nice and wide for playing sand sports like soccer and volley ball. On the south end there are several condominium projects and the north end right past the rocky pier is where the cruise ships dock up. 

When you first come up to the beach entrance it has a huge cement court for playing ball and vendors sell their food stuffs and other wares here. It is really clean and nice. There are lots of fish restaurants with ocean views all along this beach area. We have much more to share with you about Manta in our new DIY Coastal Guide coming out soon!!

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