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San Lorenzo Beach Ecuador, BIG WAVES!

San Lorenzo Ecuador has big surfing waves. We share much more about this pretty coastal village in the up and coming Ecuador coast guide, coming soon! See Below the Video for more articles and video of San Lorenzo.

San Lorenzo Beach Sand Crabs and Turtle Eggs
San Lorenzo Beach - BIG Waves! 
Panoramic View of San Lorenzo Coastline


  1. Hello,

    Thank you for all the great information you all share.

    I have a question. I see that in all the videos you have on the beaches is always coudy... have you seen any blue sky?

    1. Check out our Salinas Videos, in almost every one it is sunny and warm out...but never too humid. At the middle of the blog, under the slideshow is a menu. click on "ECUADOR COASTS", then click on "SALINAS".


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