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Thursday, February 06, 2014

When is the Best Time of Year (Season) to Visit Quito Ecuador?

The Andes Mountains has fairly steady temperatures no matter what time of year it is.  And just like Cuenca, Quito can and does have its cold fronts where it is breezier, rainier, and chillier, for a few days; this kind of weather can come even in the summer. The Ecuadorians usually say it is an Argentinean or Chilean cold front blowing in. They don’t last very long. 

What Is Quito Weather Like?

Is the weather spring-like? For the most part it is spring-like weather, however, it can get pretty hot too. 

Daytime temperatures in Quito range from the mid 60’s to the upper 70’s, however when the sun comes out of the clouds it can feel really hot. The sun in Ecuador is powerful and light skinned folks can get a sun burn in just 10 or 15-minutes of being out in the sun, so you’ll want to wear a big brimmed floppy hat, and dab sunscreen on the tip of your nose and forehead.

Nighttime temperatures range from the 40’s to 50’s, however in winter it can go as low as 35 degrees. Evenings can and do get chilly, however, it is nothing a small portable heater and a nice wool blanket can't take care of .

The average temperature is in the upper 60’s to low 70’s and mornings are generally sunny. By early afternoon clouds may blow in and it may or may not rain. If it does rain it does not usually rain all day, but rather a 15-minute rain splash. Then the sun peaks out of the clouds again. This is a good reason when you go out to bring your umbrella and rain jacket, just in case.

Rainy Season

Rainy season in the Northern Andes is also wintertime, which is during the months of October through May, yet, this is hardly set in stone. There can be days, even weeks when you will not see a drop of rain. But be prepared anyway and be sure to pack a light rain jacket and folding umbrella in your bag. You’ll be glad you came prepared if it starts pouring or the winds starts blowing.
 Dry Season

Dry season is in the summertime during the months of June through September. But again, this is not set in stone as it can rain cats and dogs during those months on any given day.  Just be prepared and dress in layers. Mornings are a bit chilly and you’ll need a light sweater, but by afternoon, you’ll want to be in short sleeves. And then again by 5:00 in the afternoon you might want to put your sweater back on.  This is the Andes Mountain weather.

To sum up Quito weather we would have to say that Quito experiences pretty nice, sunny weather about half the time and it is usually warm during the day with night time temperatures needing only a sweater or light jacket.  The other half of the time it may be cloudy and some days might get a tad bit chilly, especially if it is a windy day.  Overall, the weather in Quito is pretty constant and mild.  So in that respect any time of the year is a good time to visit Quito!

Quito, Like Cuenca Does Not Experience Noticeable Seasonal Changes

If you like to experience seasonal changes, hot in the summer and lots of sun, and cold in the winter with snow and ice, and tree’s losing their leaves in the fall, then you will not like the Andes weather too much. Some folks actually miss the diversity of the seasons. 
The particular aspect of the weather in Quito to keep in mind is there are no noticeable changes between the summer and winter, so this makes the seasons all kind of blend into together which actually makes time seem to move faster.

Many folks from North America complain of the snow, ice, and cold. Well, here’s what we have to say about that; it never snows in Quito, it rarely, if ever drops below freezing, and it is only occasionally too cold. So perhaps you’ll like the unvarying weather that Quito Ecuador has to offer. You won’t have to plow the snow off your driveway in Quito.

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