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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why People THINK Quito Is More Expensive than Cuenca Ecuador

It took us writing numerous articles and making videos on this subject, using ourselves as the guinea pigs, not the roasted kind! to encourage newcomers to Cuenca that it was perfectly safe and okay to live NOT in the same old trumpeted tourist foreigner enclaves. 

If you look for an apartment in Quito in a tourist zone expect to pay the inflated tourist prices. It’s not complicated. You must decide, “Am I a tourist, or a resident"? If you live in Quito than why pay tourist prices!?      

This would dictate that you find out what the local prices really are instead of just comparing the tourist price to your price back home. Big mistake. You can find out more in the DIY Quito Landing Guide.   Read More of this article...


  1. Is it dangerous to have a car parked at your house in Cuenca Ecuador? We would like to take ours with us. We are planning to move over there as retire with social security from US. Also how is life there now in 2014 (cost and security) Thanks for your response. Mercy

  2. Not if it is inside the gate. Most homes in Ecuador have tall walls and gates in front of the home and that is where you park your car. Rentals are higher priced and so is some food. Crime is about the same...


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