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Monday, March 24, 2014

15 Fabulous Aspects about Quito Ecuador

We Think Quito is fabulous. And each time we visit this beautiful city we love it more and more, and that’s probably because we are now familiar with “how to get around”, and we know “where most things we use are located”, and we know what to expect.” 

Familiarity is the key when moving anywhere in the world and becoming familiar with a city makes it that much more likeable, truly.

Here are some things that make Quito Fabulous.

1. Quito has the oldest and best preserved colonial section in all of South America. 

2. Quito has the biggest park (Municipal Park) in Latin America with almost 1,400 acres.

3. Quito is an international, cosmopolitan city.

4. Big name, popular musical groups perform often in Quito.

5. Quito has several big, beautiful parks.

6. Quito is VERY diversified with four distinct areas that makeup the culture and the daily life.

7. Quito has 4-huge shopping malls and numerous shopping plazas.

8. The people of Quito are warm, pleasant and helpful folks.

9. Quito has excellent city and urban transportation.

10. Quito is the major political hub of Ecuador; the presidential palace is in old town.

11. Quito has three beautiful suburbs, if you like living in the country and being close to the city.

12. Quito is NOT more expensive than Cuenca unless you let it be.

13. You can rent an unfurnished, nice 3 and 4 bedrooms in Quito for $300 to $400 dollars per month. 

14. Quito’s Andes Mountains are spectacular as they surround the city.

15. Quito is ramping up security and modernizing and restoring many facets of old town for tourism.

There are so many fabulous things about Quito that we will continue to add more to this post as we get a chance. 

And to help newcomers with "getting to know Quito" check out the new DIY Quito Landing Guide; it will surely make you more familiar with this fabulous city. 

Until then, let us know what you’re thinking about Quito in the comments below. You feedback and questions are welcome.

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