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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brandon, What Does This Fruit Taste Like? Sapote Fruit of Ecuador

You might see the Sapote fruit in all the grocery stores in Cuenca, in fact they grow (different variety) in Florida. 

The Sapote fruit is best when made into a pudding or ice cream, however, you can just eat it like an apple, at least that is what the store clerk told us.                     


  1. Hi, Angie and Brandon,

    According to the internet, the Quararibea cordata (South American sapote, Chupa-chupa) that is native to Ecuador is supposed to be soft (and sweet), so the lady at the market obviously led you astray and sold you an unripe fruit (wikipedia says that it doesn't ripen until July/August). I hope Brandon doesn't have any issues from eating the unripened bite he had.

  2. This is not the first time we have been misled from someone at the market about fruits. We were once told a guanabana was ripe and then after eating it we all came down with dizziness and unstable stomachs.


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