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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How We Eat for Less than $5 A Day Traveling the Ecuador Coast!

Most of our readers know Frank and I traveled the entire Ecuador coast just recently doing research for our new Ecuador Coast Guide Book. This video shows how we eat frugally AND Healthy while traveling. 

We have done our share of not eating well when visiting different areas of Ecuador and it is not fun to not have energy or to not feel so well, especially when away from home. Eating out in restaurants on a constant basis is not only expensive but unhealthy. Our solution to the dilemma is in this video.  Of course in the Coastal Guide we detail more about this and share some of our recipes.


  1. Great tips. Quinoa, Rice/Beans, Lentils, Eggs are good sources of protein. Rolled oats with fruit chunks added make a good breakfast. All you need is lots of fresh vegetables & some fruit.
    I've been on an organic kale kick lately. It's a beautiful, dark green leafy superfood. I much prefer eating healthy (avoiding meat/gluten/dairy/white sugar) and can feel the difference!

  2. Very nice video, cleanly done, you took your time with it and made it easy for us to follow. For us who occasionaly eat meat, I assume a bit of chicken or beef could be cut up into the mix and cooked in the rice cooker along with other stuff? Or maybe shrimp? To me, that along with pretty much anything you mentioned there would make the complete dinner! Thanks again for what you do there, we will definately buy the Coastal edition when it becomes available!

    1. Yes, you can add meats in the cooker; it would probably be more like a stew or chile if you add beef in with the rice and or beans. We'll have a few recipes in the Coastal Guide too. Thanks for commenting.


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