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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Amazingly Stunning El Chorro Falls Located in Giron Ecuador, One Hour from Cuenca!

The cost to hike up to the falls is $2 dollars for gringos and $1 dollar for locals. The restaurant owner and cook at the base of the falls will come out to greet you and ask for the fee. 

DIY El Chorro Falls: There are buses that go from Cuenca to Giron. Once you are in the town of Giron there are taxis that can bring you up to the falls, which is just a few miles.

To get a real good view of the beautiful country of Ecuador you will want to enlarge your player to full screen, located at the bottom right of the player. Enjoy!



  1. Beautiful... great camera work!

  2. Thanks, Folks. We really enjoyed this video.
    Remain happy.

  3. Thanks for taking me along on this trip! Can't wait to get back to Ecuador; you provide great insights, practical advice, and a wonderful honest sample of expat living...keep up the great work!


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