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Sunday, June 08, 2014

Retire Cheap? Cuenca Ecuador Reality Check! (Ep 1 Parmesan Cheese)

We bring you this video because we think our followers want to (continue) to know the reality of what's happening in Cuenca Ecuador. This way you can make a more informed decision when it comes time to decide where you want to move or retire to. If we did not bring you our experiences and reality checks, who will?


  1. Pretty much the same thing wherever you travel in the world! You either "go native", living and eating like the locals, or be prepared to open your wallet wider, cause you're gonna get robbed! Look at the bright side instead of getting pissed off! If you can't find anything locally, it presents a business opportunity! Making your own cheese is a simple matter anyway, especially Parmesan, one of the "salted cheeses"! I smell an opportunity for a kitchen cottage(pun intended) industry, that would supply extra income with some really great different cheeses! We used to get crazy and add different spices and dried fruits or dried veggies into the mix, creating truly unique cheeses! Far better fare than the traditional repackaged varieties! Cheese making is an ancient art with a minimal investment in the materials and equipment needed to make cheese! You could go really old school and use your talents in woodworking to create everything you need to make your own small batches in your kitchen till you really got your system down, enjoying your mistakes! Fresh, whole milk, Rennit, molds, salt, and a simple press is all you need, with the byproduct equally valuable, Whey! I enjoy your videos as I struggle to survive here in the US on my SSDI income and know that I can find a better life somewhere! Keep em coming and say HOWDY to the rest of the family for me! Who knows, maybe someday soon I will be able to thank you all in the flesh! Peace out dude! Billy

  2. Another informative video. How cool one of the Gringo community started a small cheese factory.


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