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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

We're Having a $3 Lunch in Atacames Ecuador, Esmeraldas Province

Atacames is the last northern beach town we traveled to and researched along the Ecuador coastline. Atacames is a lot different in many ways than some of the other coastal towns in Ecuador. We explain those differences in our DIYEcuador Coast Travel Guide. Plus, we have 20 other popular Ecuador destinations listed in the Ecuador coast guide with complete details. The kind of details you would expect from Frank and Angie! 


See ATACAMES Beach Here!


  1. Nice review. Are you reviewing Canoa?

  2. We're going into deep detail in the DIYCoastalEcuadorGuide. Almost whole coast covered in detail each city in depth, crime, experiences, lodgings, infrastructure,etc.

  3. I have visited BaƱos, Cuenca, and Quito, and I am sure that I will get more chances to explore the best places in Ecuador. I am a student, and I belong to South America, so I felt curious to read Ecuador Travel Guide as it helped me to know my place in a better way.


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