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Friday, July 04, 2014

Ecuador Food: How to Make Plantains Healthier to Eat

Plantains are one of the staples in Ecuador; expect to be served deep fried plantains with most meals when at the coast. In the Andes ripe plantains are deep fried and served with some of the restaurant meals as a side dish.

When in season you can get anywhere between 7 to 10 plantains for $1. When we first moved here we could get 18 plantains for $1. Plantains are starchy and can be replaced for rice or potatoes with any meal. 

We like plantains once in a while, but not deep fried. Deep fried foods are really bad for your health of every organ in your body, not to mention artery health, as the oil they are deep fried in is hydrogenated and rancid. 

We have found a simple and healthier way to prepare (ripe) plantains and we share the recipe with you today. 

Two (ripe) Plantains - (serves two or three people)
Extra Virgen Olive Oil
Sea salt

                Slice the plantains about 1/2 inch thick (see photo)

Coat cookie sheet with olive oil
Line the cookie sheet with the plantains

                    Drizzle olive oil and sea salt on the plantains. 

Bake each side of plantain for 15-minutes, in a 200 Celsius oven if in Ecuador, or at 400 Fahrenheit oven if in the states. You want them to be lightly browned as seen in this last photo. 
Serve hot as a side dish in place of potatoes and rice. They are very good this way and better for your health!


  1. Looks tasty. Occasionally we'll get some Trader Joe's plantain chips as a treat, but, haven't tried buying actual plantains. Grocers do carry plantains, but, like most 'real' foods here, they aren't cheap.

  2. Thanks for posting this, we are going to try it!

    L & L


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