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Which City is Better for Your Ecuador Retirement, Cuenca or Quito? 6 Key Features to Consider

For those folks who have not yet had a chance to visit Ecuador, here's some features about both cities you might find interesting and help you to decide which city would fit your needs best. This is just a few considerations to think about before uprooting your life and moving abroad. Let’s take a look. 

1. Ambiance – Feel for a place
2. Healthcare – Hospitals and doctors
3. Real Estate – rentals and buyers market
4. Weather – Climate
5. People – Culture and community
6. Crime – Safety and Protection
7. Cost of Living

Which city is better for you, Cuenca or Quito? It is a decision that no one else can actually answer for you. We feel it is always best to visit a new city first and to get your own impression. No one else can feel these things for you, or give you that “do I want to move here “vibe” for either city. But we can help you out a bit by sharing our own experiences and observations of both cities.  Read more! 

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